Before continuing to Bank Nifty analysis the Market, please read the Disclaimer at the end.

Bank Nifty index consist of five scenarios, and those are mentioned below. And moreover, Market is bearish divergence mode. So, expecting the correction in the Market. unexpected volatility may occur during live market.

Please Review the Box’s and Levels carefully before Trading.


NO TRADE ZONES at Bank Nifty Analysis

As per the Image, Upside (53128-53104) & Downside (52583-52506) Boxes are “No Trade Zones” which means taking trade in that Zones are not advisable.

Scenarios of Bank Nifty Analysis

Open as Gap up at 53187

Sustain and Move upside at the point of 53187 and above, then it will hit Target-1 & Target-2 as per image.

Open as Gap up at 53104

Sustain or Move downside at the point of 53104 and below, then it may or may not hit the below levels. Seeking the Put side Trade in all the Levels is advisable since the market is expecting the correction.

Open as Flat – Between 52876 & 52814

Market moves according to the direction. If the candles break and move upside of the box 52876, then it may or may not hit above levels and come to put side direction. If the candles break and move downside of the box 52814, then it may hit 52630 and followed by below levels on downside or it will move upside and hit above levels and it will move to put side direction.


Open as Gap down at 52583

Sustain and move upside at the point of 52583 and above, then it may hit the above-mentioned levels and move towards put side direction.

Open as Gap down between 52506 & 52369

Sustain or move towards downside and it may hit the below levels. Pure Put side trade will be possible once the breaking point of 52369. If its break, then the Target-2 & Target-3 will achieve.



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