A list of Doorstep Banking Eligibility, Services and charges offered by SBI, HDFC, PNB, ICICI, and Canara Banks.

HDFC Doorstep Banking



  • Native citizens are required as clients.
  • Customers need to already have an HDFC Bank account.
  • Customers’ bank accounts and their KYC data must be synchronised.
  • Seniors who are at least 70 years old are eligible for DSB services.
  • Doorstep Banking is another service offered by HDFC Bank to customers with disabilities.

Service and Charges

Seniors who have a registered phone number can call HDFC Phone Banking to request home delivery. Customers of HDFC Bank are restricted to a maximum cash delivery limit per withdrawal of Rs. 25,000 and a minimum of Rs. 5000. Senior citizens with accounts who are 70 years of age or older are given free access to doorstep banking services. The following fees are payable by clients who are under the age of 70.

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  • Each call for cash pickup costs Rs.200 plus taxes.
  • Each call for cash delivery costs Rs.200 plus taxes.
  • Instrument pickup costs Rs.100 per call + taxes.

Requests that are received by Day 0’s deadline of 3 p.m. will be handled on the first working day. Requests filed after 3 p.m. will be handled as best as possible on Day 1 or Day 2, according to the HDFC Bank website.

SBI Doorstep Banking

State Bank of India
SBI Doorstep Banking


  • Seniors above the age of 70, as well as those who are differently abled or infirm (those who have a persistent sickness or impairment that has been medically confirmed), including the blind.
  • Account owners who have successfully completed the KYC procedure.
  • The account needs to be connected to a working mobile number.
  • Account holders who are either single or married to an active or retired survivor.
  • Collaboration-based accounts are not accessible.
  • modest significance accounts
  • accounts with a non-personal focus.
  • Customers with registered addresses that are near the Home Branch by no more than five kilometres.

Service and Charges

SBI clients can ask for doorstep banking services. For non-financial transactions, SBI charges Rs 60+GST each visit; however, financial transactions incur Rs 100+GST. Cash withdrawal and deposit for each transaction is capped at Rs 20,000 per day. As soon as possible, but no later than T+1 working day, the shipment would be made (holidays excluded).

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ICICI Doorstep Banking

ICICI Doorstep Banking
ICICI Doorstep Banking


  • Adult Citizenship (more than 70 years of age)
  • people with disabilities or the elderly (having medically certified chronic illness or disability)
  • people with visual impairments

Service and Charges

Owners of Savings Bank accounts can only access the DSB feature through Customer Care. Requests from customers are accepted every day—except on bank holidays. The customer may only receive these services from the bank at the registered residence or place of business. The DSB facility does not charge any fees for use.

Customers can call the registered cell phone number to access the DSB facility through our Customer Care. The information is gratefully made available by our customer care representative, who will also help with the request’s onboarding.

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KOTAK MAHINDRA Doorstep Banking



  • Anyone above the age of 60 is a senior.
  • A differently abled person is defined by the Persons with Disabilities (Equal Opportunities, Protection of Rights, and Full Participation) Act of 1995.
  • Only qualifying, active SA customers are eligible for this service, which will be offered at the customer’s registered residential address.

CANARA Doorstep Banking



There are three ways for customers to get DSB through a call centre, a mobile app, or a DSB web portal. All clients who fall under the individual category are eligible to use DSB services, with the exception of minors, attached, blocked, and non-KYC-compliant accounts.

Service and Charges

GST is charged in addition to the service fees each transaction, bringing the total to Rs 88.50.

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PNB Doorstep Banking

PNB Doorstep Banking


PNB Doorstep Banking Services will be available to anyone above the age of 70 who are also elderly, disabled, or infirm. Within a 5-kilometer radius of a bank, the Bank currently offers DSB services (DSBS) to older citizens and individuals with disabilities through its branches.

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Service and Charges

For non-financial transactions, PNB will charge Rs.100 + GST*, and for financial transactions, Rs.100 + GST.


  • How much is the fees for DSB Service in SBI for Single Visit?

For non-financial transactions, SBI charges Rs 60+GST each visit; however, financial transactions incur Rs 100+GST.

  • How much is the Fees for ICICI DSB Service?

The DSB facility does not charge any fees for use.

  • What is the Minimum Age to Avail the DSB Service in Kotak Mahindra Bank?

Anyone above the age of 60 is a senior.

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