Minimum duration of Passport validity for Final Exit Visa from Saudi Arabia

What is Minimum Passport validity for Final Exit Visa from Saudi Arabia

For expatriate residents, a final exit visa is a document needed to depart Saudi Arabia permanently. The visa can be obtained via the interior ministry and is typically good for 60 days.

An individual need to have a current passport in order to receive a final exit visa. The minimum duration of passport validity needed to get a final exit visa has lately been made clear by Saudi Arabia’s general administration of passports (Jawazat).

KSA requirements for obtaining a final exit visa include a minimum of passport validity.

Your passport needs to still be valid for at least sixty days in order to be granted a final exit visa in Saudi Arabia. In order to guarantee that you can safely depart from Saudi Arabia, this rule has been put in place. Before requesting a final exit visa, you must renew your passport if it doesn’t still have at least two months left on its current expiration date.

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The least amount of time that a passport must be valid in order to receive an exit re-entry visa is 90 days, according to recent information from Jawazat.

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Outstanding Debts

Last year, Jawazat established a relationship between bill payments and the granting of final exit visas, making it necessary for expats to settle all outstanding debts in order to be qualified for receiving a final exit visa.

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