A well-known airline intends to hire 20,000 new personnel.

Here are the specifics of a well-known airline’s plans to hire 20,000 new staff members.


Lufthansa, a German airline, intends to add about 20,000 new workers. After suffering losses for the previous two years, Lufthansa Airlines is now profitable again.

According to reports, this new hiring process will include positions for pilots, flight attendants, technicians, and IT specialists.


Additionally, it has declared that it will hire new workers for these positions from Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and Belgium.

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According to a company spokesperson, there are currently opportunities in more than 45 different industries. As a result, it is also said that some roles are being invented from scratch.

Business Plans

According to statistics made public in October last year, Lufthansa currently employs about 108,000 people. In 2019, there were 138,000 of them. By the end of 2023, the company plans to add about 20,000 new employees.

The business also intends to spend billions on modern equipment, machinery, and information technology.


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